Messages from our Interim CEO, Mary Whittier 

Lots happening!

July 15, 2020 

Hello Friends of RESOLVE,


Happy summer to all of you! I hope this message finds you well, safe and healthy.


There has been a lot of activity here at RESOLVE that we wanted to share with all of our supporters and partners. First off, a big THANK YOU to all of you who gave to our COVID-19 appeal. We raised over $15,000 thanks to your generosity! For those of you who would still like to donate, you can click here. We have seen a 40% increase in services since COVID-19 and your support has been instrumental in providing clients cutting-edge treatment.


We're growing (thanks to your support)! This month we welcomed full-time therapist, Carly Ianuzzi, to our staff which now makes us a total of six staff members, three full-time, three part-time. Carly comes to us with a wealth of knowledge in trauma treatment and Domestic Violence work, and is even trained in trauma-informed, therapeutic yoga!

As you all know, 2020 has been a year to remember on so many fronts with many challenges facing us medically, socially and personally. Between COVID-19 and the anti-racism movement we are experiencing something unprecedented. Sheltering in place, stay at home orders, quarantining----all of those factors caused a significant increase across the country, state, and community when it comes to Intimate Partner Violence. Many of our clients have expressed an increase in stress, anxiety, and depression. However, some clients are seeing this as an opportunity to leave an abusive relationship which is life changing!


With the Black Lives Matter Movement, we are doing our own internal exploration and have talked about how we can best serve our community--all of our community--and have an opportunity to do some innovative programming, among other things, knowing that we need to do better to be better. More on that in the near future.


Finally, due to COVID-19, we have made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel our 2020 Resolutionary Breakfast Awards and reschedule for April 2021. Please save the date of Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at Monroe Golf Club. We will still honor the same award recipients since we did not have a chance to celebrate together. If you have purchased a ticket, a table, or sponsored the event, we will hold that for you til next Spring and look forward to being together.


We cannot thank you enough for what you have done and continue to do for this “small but mighty” agency fighting Domestic Violence every day in our community. 


Be safe, be well, be kind.


With tremendous gratitude,


RESOLVE is here for our community

April 13, 2020

Hello friend of RESOLVE,


Many of you have asked how we are doing, and how our clients are fairing through this incredibly difficult time. Never before has our country, or our world, seen this type of pandemic in our lifetime. Every guideline---shelter in place, social distancing, STAY AT HOME---is what we all need to do to stay healthy.


However, for many of our families, staying at home is the most dangerous place to be. 


Domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, are all anticipated to increase during the COVID-19 pandemic. China reported three times the number of cases in February compared to the same month the year before. 90% of those reports were related to the COVID-19 crisis, given people living in such close quarters.


We at RESOLVE are open and conducting tele-therapy every day. Utilizing technology such as Doxy, Zoom, FaceTime, or even by phone, are all options we offer to our clients. We are seeing an increase in anxiety, depression and fear given the current situation, and RESOLVE is committed to doing everything possible to keep our clients safe. We fully anticipate a significant increase and demand for our therapeutic services when we get to a "new normal".


One of our current clients (and there are many in this situation), is a healthcare provider dealing with patients in a work environment that is unbelievably stressful, while her children are living with her abusive partner. In fact, many of our clients are professional working women, where the only "safe place" is work. For many, that safe place has been taken away due to the pandemic. For others, given COVID-19, they put themselves at risk at work and at home but for very different reasons.


Many of you have also asked how you can help. There are many ways to help RESOLVE and our families in need. Please visit our Wish List here for concrete, immediate needs.


If you wish to make a monetary donation----in any amount----please click here to donate as we are preparing for an increased demand for our services.


More than anything, THANK YOU. Thank you for your ongoing support, concern, well wishes for those in such dangerous situations, and for being in this fight together.  


We are here for those who need us most, and YOU are all a part of that.


With our deepest gratitude,


RESOLVE Awards Breakfast--update

March 16, 2020

Hello Friends of RESOLVE,


As you all are aware, things are rapidly changing every day in our world and local community.  


While RESOLVE remains open to serving our clients who are affected by Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence, we have made the decision to reschedule our 7th Annual Resolutionary Awards Breakfast. The new date for the celebration will be Tuesday, October 6th from 7-9AM at Monroe Golf Club.


Thanks to all of you who have sponsored, placed an ad, bought a table/ticket or are volunteering. We will hold your reservation, and be assured that other than the date all else remains unchanged.  


If you have ANY questions, concerns, or even just want to clarify something, we are here for you. Feel free to call me at work or on my cell at 585-490-2809.


Stay safe, secure and don't forget to breathe. We will get through all of this together.


Warmest regards,


An important message from RESOLVE of Greater Rochester

March 14, 2020

We at RESOLVE are taking COVID-19 (coronavirus) seriously while knowing that we have incredibly important work to do every day with our clients in providing cutting edge therapy to those who need it most. In fact, with the restrictions on social contact and many people staying at home, one could potentially be at even more risk of harm by their partners.


Please know that we remain open to serving our clients in the very best way possible, even if that means modifying the way we provide services. First and foremost, we want to assure all of you that our office, while small, cozy, warm and welcoming, is being cleaned and sanitized even more diligently than before. We are cleaning and sanitizing first thing in the morning before clients arrive and at the end of the day after clients, volunteers and visitors have left. This is to protect everyone----clients, staff, volunteers and vendors.


We also realize the impact that closings may have on our clients, the vast majority of whom are working parents.  If we need to do more phone counseling, adjust our hours, etc we remain committed to do what it takes for our clients to get the services they need. Even before coronavirus became a pandemic, we expanded our hours to M-F 8:30-5:00PM and Tuesdays/Thursdays till 7:00PM to accommodate our clients' needs. 


In addition, there are a few resources we want to share with our clients and RESOLVE community should anyone need support immediately.  Locally, Willow Domestic Violence Center's Hotline is available 24/7 at 585-222-SAFE (7233) or text line at 585-348-SAFE. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is available 24/7 at 1-800-799-7233, or if you are unable to speak safely, you can log onto or text LOVEIS to 22522.


RESOLVE will continue to monitor the situation, and take our lead from our local medical and public health experts. As obvious as this seems, if you are not feeling well, please stay home and take good care of yourself. The health and safety of everyone is our priority as we know it is the same for you.


Lastly, as of right now, our 7th Annual Resolutionary Awards Breakfast is still on for Tuesday, April 21st at Monroe Golf Club. We do have an alternate date if we need to reschedule and will give everyone plenty of notice if it comes to that. With how fast things are changing, we want to be thoughtful, plan ahead and continue to gather the facts.


Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions or concerns. Thank you for your support of RESOLVE.


In gratitude, health and wellness,


Excited to be here!
February 10, 2020  

Hello Friends of RESOLVE!


I am very pleased to be your Interim CEO and excited for the future of this "small but mighty" organization providing cutting edge trauma treatment and innovative services in the area of DV/IPV. Big thanks to Alli O'Malley for her leadership over the last 12 years and happy for her as she takes on new ventures in the domestic violence world.


I am looking forward to meeting many of you and getting to know our wonderful donors, partners, supporters and colleagues that all share in the mission to break the cycle of domestic violence in our community. Feel free to reach out to me directly either by email: or call: 585-425-1580 x1204 (work), or on my cell: 585-490-2809.


Together I know we can continue to thrive and help women, men and those in our LGBTQ communities no longer suffer in silence as a result of the trauma of intimate partner violence. Each one of us deserve to thrive in our workplace, schools, communities and mostly, in our homes free from abuse and violence.


Thank you for all that you have done for RESOLVE.


With gratitude,

Mary will hear more soon, but please Save the Date for our 7th Annual 

Resolutionary Breakfast on Tuesday, April 21st at Monroe Golf Club.  

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