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RESOLVE of Greater Rochester is a leader in domestic violence prevention. What makes RESOLVE unique? We see courage and strength where others see helplessness. We see resilience where others see desperation.






Our innovative programs and tools, like the Survivor Transition Program, RITa®, the Virtual Health Coach and the Intimate Partner Violence Workshops for Mental & Behavioral Health Professionals, are evidence-informed and research-driven. Designed to be replicated and shared everywhere, they empower survivors and foster collaboration across historically siloed systems of care in ways that open eyes and change lives to be forever free of abuse.

Our compassionate, clinical therapists have used the Survivor Transition Program to help more than 3,000 survivors chart a course to independence and well-being.


The app, RITa, is designed for use in health care settings to provide patients with an informed, consistent and personalized response to domestic violence disclosure.


Our team has trained over 250 Mental & Behavioral Health Care providers to identify, assess, and make referrals for patients impacted by intimate partner violence.


Every survivor and every community needs and deserves all this. A $1,500 contribution to RESOLVE will forever change a life. To expand our impact so that everyone is free to thrive, be resolved to invest in RESOLVE today.

RESOLVE sees to it that the one in three women, one in seven men and one in two LGBTQ survivors of domestic abuse and intimate partner violence are free to thrive.

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